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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Cossy Orjiakor shares obscéne pictures on twitter.

Nigerian actress, Cossy Orjiakor, has continued to tell the public that there is no difference between private and public assets.Over the weekend, the actress posted some of her latest pictures on Twitter. In a series of X-Rated poses, Cossy displays her famous king size breasts and went further to offer a glimpse of her not exactly ample buttocks. “I just got me a mad totographer. She is bad gon. Wanna share some pix,” she tweeted using her handle, @Cossydiva. The pictures provoked rage –honest and otherwise– something that drew what seemed a faux contrition from Cossy. On Wednesday, she expressed regret, claiming that a female friend of hers took those pictures in a guest house. “Now I wish I didn’t upload em last nite… I bet I was soooo in d mood. My bad…a girlfriend took this pix in a guest house, its not d playgirl mansion.. Cuz I only use playboy Bedsheet and curtains,” she tweeted.
Even after expressing “regret”, Cossy went ahead to use one of the pictures as her profile picture on Twitter, where it has continued to excite and offend eyes in equal measure.