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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Most People Think I’m A Lesbian—Fast-Rising Female Act-Nene Johnson

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The issue of same sex relationship is one that is believed to be very rampant in the razzmatazz industry in Nigeria. Though it exists, those who indulge in the act do it underground and as no one wants to be identified with such a devilish act.

While those in the Western world have openly associated themselves with lesbianism since their laws have legalised the act, Nigerian celebrities have vehemently dissociated themselves from it because it is seen as immoral and unlawful.

It is very common to hear celebs claiming that they are not gays, but are quick to state that they get approached by same sex relationship freaks.

For fast-rising and pretty female singer, Nene Johnson, the fact that some people think she is a lesbian gives her headache. She confessed that the impression some people have about her is that she is one, but added that she is not happy about this.

According to the Abia State-born talented and sexy singer, “some people think that I am not straight (sex orientation) and I always tell them that I am very straight.” She added that. “I get approached (by lesbians) all the time. I just try to be friendly and displace them.”

Telling us about how she handles the stubborn ones, the actress said, “I just stubbornly tell them that I am not into it.”

Nene Johnson recently released her single entitled; ‘Tonight’. The song is gradually gaining favourable airplays. She also recently changed her stage name from NEJ to Nene Johnson, which she says is now paying off.