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Friday, 26 July 2013

Pastor Claims, Popular Blogger 'Linda Ikeji' Plans To Blackmail Him

Polular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, is currently the subject of a scandal.
photo Polular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji, is currently the subject of a scandal.
Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe, who is the author of famous spiritual prayer book – Our Daily Manna devotional and a senior pastor of Our Daily Manna Mountain Prayer Ministry, is accusing the retired model of trying to blackmail him.
If you are a follower of his daily devotional, you should remember that on page 56 of the 22nd-July edition of the Daily Manna devotional, the pastor wrote that one Linda, a blogger and Facebook activist has been sending him several text messages, asking for an undisclosed amount of money or else she would do things to bring down his ministry.
At first, certain individuals thought the Pastor most have been referring to a different Linda as at the name ‘Ikeji’ was printed; however, recent development on her blog a day after her name was printed in the devotional clearly indicates that she’s the one been referred to.
At the footnote of the page of thede votional in question, which usually contains prayer points, Pastor Chris
wrote “… I received lots of text messages from one Linda a blogger/Facebook specialist, asking me to drop a certain amount of money otherwise they [sic] will work with different journalists around the world against this vision.”
The prayer point continues and still states thus: “scatter any plan to publish any lie against this ministry! Three people have dropped dead because of this in their camp.”