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Friday, 9 August 2013

Shame on you Nigerians- AfroCandy

The Nigerian Nollywood bad  actress, Judith Opara Mazagw aka Afrocandy has lashed out on Nigerians for paying additional money to cable companies in order to watch the  sex scenes on Big Brother Africa.

Afrocandy believes the scenes Nigerians spend money  to watch is tastelss  and  cannot move a single hair on her  body. In another word, the scenes are weak compare to what she  (AfroCandy) is capable of doing.

AfroCandy in  her statement refers to Beverly Osu of  BBA  and how Nigerians rush to pay money on cable  networks in order to watch how she made love  to her South African boyfriend, Angelo, something she  (Afro) thinks is less than what she offers. She also lashed Nigerians for pretending to hate sex scenes while they hide in their rooms to watch them.