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Monday, 1 April 2013

Common Most Annoying Character/Attitude Of Nigerians

Even as a Nigerian, I find many character of typical Nigerians appalling and I by no means mean to create a stereotype, but these are just the characteristics that Nigerians tend to show more commonly than other people. Foremost on my list is pride, Nigerians generally like to be recognized and while doing this they like to be recognized with titles (Chief, Barrister, Comrade, Dr., - I even know some people that went to study PhD in school simply because they want to be called Doctor - Nothin related to the academic values) - This kind of things makes me angry, which brings me to the second point, Nigerians are quick to anger (like myself), once they know they have some kind of "right" or power - you're done, they will display madness for you at the slightest provocation, maybe unrelated but I usually find this connected to a form of not wanting to take responsibilities/admin to mistake or wrong doing - Nigerians are stubborn - this leads me to the next point, Nigerians like to answer questions with another question and this I think emanated from the stubborn gene within us. Although answering questions with questions comes handy when dealing with the equally stubborn Europeans, I just think overall the idea of questions with question is just rude and petulant at best. These are the few characteristics of typical Nigerians that peeves me! what are yours! I sure do have alot more but cant remember everything now -  Include yours below, Nigerian habits that irritate you.