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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Jaywon Will Leave Kennis Music--Insider Insists

Click for Full Image SizeThough when contacted Jaywon some weeks ago over a rumoured exit from Kennis Music label, he denied the story. He then told us that nothing of such is happening as at the time we called.

But an insider, who claims to know Jaywon too well, insisted that all is not well between the artiste and Kennis Music.

The insider said Jaywon has rejected the offer to extend his contract which ends in few months. As it is argued by the source, Kennis Music has now allegedly stopped playing Jaywon's songs on their platforms.

"If you notice very well, Kennis Music is no more slamming Jaywon's newest single 'This Year' on their platforms compared with their other artistes," the insider told us.

The source further said, "you don't expect Jaywon to openly confirm the story to you. I can categorically tell you that Jaywon wants to leave Kennis Music."