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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Wahala! Couple Caught Having Sex In Car Min. After Leaving Church Service

It’s always advice-able to be as holy as possible immediately after leaving church service but it’s another ball game here.

Georgia couple Jamel Grant, 26, and Michel Felix Casas, 21, were busted having sex in their parked Nissan 350Z just minutes after leaving church service. Cops say they caught Casas performing oral sex on Grant in the front driver's seat of the car they'd parked up in the Kroger Grocery Store lot, in Gwinnett County, just before midnight.

Grant was unclad from the waist down and Casas' breasts were exposed. There was also a strong smell of marijuana.They told officers they were "making out" and had just been to church, where they said they attended the Service. The Smoking Gun reports the pair were charged with public indecency, loitering, prowling and marijuana possession.

"What kind of lessons did this couple learn from the church service, does that mean that preaching does not make any sense to them or what? Na wa o"