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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Many Will Be Ashamed When They Know Truth About Stella & I--Daniel Ademinokan

Click for Full Image Size       The estranged husband of Doris Simone, Daniel Ademinokan has disclosed that when the real fact about his affair with Stella Damasus is made open to many, they (the public) will be surprised and be ashamed of themselves because of their initial thought about them (the alleged lovers).

Daniel stated this in a Facebook post to thank those who wished him a happy birthday recently. The movie producer and director praised the courage of Stella for developing a "metal skin" to all what are being said about her alleging that she snatched him from Doris and went ahead to keep his bed warm.

Daniel posted, "Stella Obiageli Damasus, thanks a million. You have proven to me that it is possible for a human to have metal skin. I constantly laugh at people who talk about us cos 'when them know the real story some people go enter ground cos of shame.' Hahaha!